Weight training is the greatest form of exercise. The transformative effect it has on the body has no equal.

But while there’s no substitute for weight training, there is a perfect complement: walking.

If weight training is a rocket launch, then walking is what fuels the boosters. It’s the rare exercise modality that doesn’t dig a recovery hole. In fact, its rhythmic nature lowers stress and enhances both muscular and nervous system recovery.

And here’s something I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older: after a bad day, back in the past I might’ve pounded the weights to blow off steam; today, I ease that negative stress through walking.

Even when I’m seething at the internet, a good brisk walk brings me back to baseline, leaving me feeling centred and focused — but still refreshed. Attacking my demons with the weights always just leaves me spent, and like I left it all on the field, for good or ill. (And I do mean for good or ill. Sometimes, leaving it all on the field isn’t the right move.)

And finally, last but not least, I don’t like using something which has brought me so much joy in such a negative context. My daily workout is a high point of my day: my time for self-improvement through focused action. It’s a gift I give myself, by me and for me. But also one I wish could give everyone.

So now when idiots gonna idiot I exorcise my demons by exercising my idiot dogs. I go for a walk. It works just as well and, who knows, the dogs might even drop a pound.

“Okay, fine and dandy… but I’m busy. I already work out 4 days a week, have a busy job, commute, and kids. Now I somehow gotta make time for a walk every day or just when I want to put my fist through the wall?”

Everybody should walk for 30 mins a day, every day. To make it easier, divide it into two 15-mins sessions, or even three 10-min sessions, such as around the block after every meal.

It doesn’t matter. And if you say you STILL don’t have time then you yeah, you need to make time. Stress has got your back and its next move is choking you out. Don’t skip this.

You may need even more than 30 minutes a day if your life is really sedentary. To know for sure, use an Apple watch or FitBit to track your daily step count. If, after addingi n that daily 30 mins, you still end up beingl under 7,000 steps for the day (just under 50k a week) then you may have to walk 45 mins a day or more.

Yes, its okay to skip a day or two. It’s also okay to make up missed walks by walking longer the next day. But you also miss out on the stress management benefit, so don’t see this as just “exercise.” It’s restorative work, even therapy. (And that stuff is connected.)

Don’t sit on this.

– Coach Bryan