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Want to look like one of “those fit people?”

The type that obviously puts in work at the gym? Lean, muscular, fit.

At the very least, do you want to scare the neighbors when you mow the lawn with your shirt off?

Yeah, you know you do.

So let me help.

I don’t coach powerlifting or teach re-hab or help sprinters shave crucial half-seconds off their 100-meter dash time.

I help normal people look extraordinary.  

Ever wonder how these Hollywood actors can go from out of shape to ripped and muscular in a matter of months?

It’s the result of great lighting, a little digital enhancing … and a kick-ass exercise and nutrition program tailored to them specifically (including their lifestyle) applied with relentless consistency.

The last point is what I specialize in.

Isn’t That Really Superficial?

I disagree.

When flight attendants say in the event of a loss in cabin pressure to secure your own oxygen mask before trying to assist someone else? Well, the same logic applies.

The best way to provide for those you care about is to first ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

And that extends beyond just being “healthy” – because when you also keep the look of your physique a top priority, really good things start to happen.

Roughly 90% of the things you can do to look and perform better will also improve overall health too.

And that’s just physical health.

Being happy and in control of your body also helps develop natural confidence and a sense of well being that permeates into other areas of your life, including family, career, and relationships.

So building your “plan” around looking better is one of the healthiest decisions you can make.

What I can help you achieve won’t just transform your body. It will transform your life.

And that’s why I do what I do.

Is It Just For Young People?

They say that after a certain age, exercise should just be about health, not looking good.

What a load of horse manure.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. But my biggest epiphany has been that, contrary to popular belief, the whole “getting in shape” process seems to get EASIER as you get older.

No, you can’t stop Father Time from stealing your youth and vitality, not to mention the youthful elasticity of your skin.

But you can figure out YOU — what foods and exercise plans support your goals, what restorative practices recharge your batteries, and how to configure it all within the rest of your life.

So that you can get leaner, healthier, and more muscular – become your very best version of you – while still experiencing some of the other joys life has to offer.


I thought I reached my all-time best condition at 37. Then I peaked even higher, at 40. Now, at 45, I’m leaner, more muscular, and healthier than I’ve ever been.

And I have no plans to stop improving, ever.

But that’s just me. I know plenty of men AND women that finally reached their all time best condition well after 30 years of age. Many did it in their forties, even their fifties.

And no, these weren’t “lifelong athletes” who just turned things up a notch. We’re talking normal, everyday people; folks that have spent their entire lives being physically average at best.

Until one day, they made a crucial, life changing decision: they decided to relinquish control of their exercise and nutrition program to someone they trust.

Can I Really Do This?

I’m not going to sugar coat it: changing your body — losing fat, building muscle, getting healthy —  isn’t easy. It’s hard for gifted individuals who have unlimited time and resources to commit to the process. And for the average Joe or Jane juggling jobs and a family? It’s no picnic.

But in my experience it’s rarely the time-crunch that does people in. It’s anxiety — from constantly being slammed with choices to make.

What should I eat for lunch?

Can I have rice or potatoes every day?

How do I bring up my chest and triceps?

Should I do 4 sets of each exercise or 5?

These might seem like trivial things, but look at all the other choices we have to make just to get through our day?

Everyone has a limit, a tipping point. Eventually we just shut down.

It’s no wonder so many just say screw it and give up on making their physique dreams a reality.

I Eliminate This Anxiety

Ever notice how pro athletes on are essentially “babied?” Their training, nutrition, recovery, travel, lodgings, and even laundry are all taken care of for them. So they can just focus on what they need to do to be successful on the field of play.

Now imagine if YOU had that kind of attention. What if all you had to do was show up (at the gym or the refrigerator) and just execute the plan?

No second guessing, no anxiety, and above all, no random Googling. Just do it.

That’s what I do for people I work with.

However, I’m Not For Everyone.

Here’s Who I Won’t Work With.

  • Powerlifters – That’s not my specialty.
  • Super Injured People – You need comprehensive physical therapy. Get fixed up by a pro and then come see me.
  • People On the “Low Rungs” of the Developmental Ladder — If words like carbs, protein, and barbell are new to you, please go elsewhere. Put some work in with a solid mainstream coach. I’ll be here when you’re ready for me.
  • People Who Think Looking Good Naked is Just Vanity – We just won’t get along.


Here’s Who I WILL Work With

  • Guys Who Love Muscle — Want big arms and shoulders? How about a wide back or thick legs or even just a lean torso? Then I’m your guy. I’ll build your training around achieving these aesthetic goals. Because they’re awesome. And a jacked, muscular body shows discipline, skill, and perseverance.
  • Guys Over 35 – Forty is just hitting your stride! While you can’t train like a 19 year old, you sure as heck can still get results. If you know how to modify things appropriately.
  • Select Women – I’m critical of the professional fitness industry so I can’t in good conscience help a woman prepare for a Figure show. Though a woman who wants to look like she could compete is certainly in my wheelhouse.

What Some of My Clients Say

Tim Dunn

Working with Bryan was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health. He provided the tools, habits and knowledge for me to be successful right now and for many years to come. I never thought abs at 40 was a possibility until Bryan provided me the roadmap for size and now I know that abs are just the beginning.


Chase Erwin

Honestly, I had lost some interest in my own fitness before hiring Bryan. He had a fresh take on the basics, quickly had a grip on what I needed to hear (not always what I wanted to hear) and even was willing to get me ready for a physique show. It was the most fun I’ve had with my own personal fitness in years and the best results I’ve gotten over the time we worked together.


Tim M

“Working with Bryan has been a life-changing experience. Not only has he taught me how to work out more efficiently and get great results, he has shown me that by concentrating on the ‘big rocks’ (as he puts it) and focusing on the things that move the needle, that you can be a busy professional, still live a healthy lifestyle, and look great doing it.

I’ve had a lot of deadlines (vacations and events where I wanted to look my best) during the three years I’ve worked with Bryan and he has helped me plan and hit my goals every single time. He has been ‘in the game’ a long time and he has worked with some of the best in the business. His wisdom and extensive experience are apparent in his approach. I highly recommend working with him.”


Nick S.

Bryan Krahn Testimonial

“Working with Bryan has been an absolute pleasure. There is an alarming amount of poor fitness information floating around now a days, and Bryan does a great job of separating fact from fiction. I’ve personally always valued pure strength. So much so, that I was afraid any sort of physique-based training would result in a much weaker version of myself. I was dead wrong. Thanks to Bryan’s advice, I gave my physique a little more attention… and I’ve never been happier. Not only do I look better than I ever have, I’ve continued becoming stronger as well.”

Feel better… move better… look better…

Yeah, that sounds good to me.


Caroline J.

“As a fit pro and someone who previously lost a lot of weight, I had plenty of knowledge on healthy eating. But I was inconsistent and wasn’t tracking food choices or portion sizes very hard. I can honestly say that getting in shape changed everything about my life. I gained the confidence to pursue hobbies and passions that I never would’ve explored when I was overweight. I was able to overcome my shyness and insecurity enough to approach strangers in social situations, leading to many wonderful friendships with interesting people. I discovered a passion for health and fitness that is blossoming into an exciting, meaningful, and totally unexpected career. The past 9 months working with you has expanded upon this. Your approach to training has validated my goals, which motivates me to work harder in the gym. I find higher-volume hypertrophy training to be super fun and empowering.”


Brian J.

Bryan Krahn Testimonial

“I’m over 40, I’ve been lifting for about 20 years and I have never had the physique I really wanted. Bryan’s blog and coaching really clarified my goals, my training and my nutrition. By following Bryan’s plan, I am the lightest I have been since 1999 and I am in the best shape of my adult life. I’m looking better and I just feel better, in every sense. Bryan’s a no-nonsense guy with a ton of experience who can show you the way to a better physique. He’s also just a really good dude. I am very glad I hired Bryan as a trainer. You will be, too.”


Marty T.

“When I started working with Bryan I was at my goal weight (or so I thought) but still wasn’t as lean or as jacked as I wanted to be. In the first 2 months of working with him, I lost 6 more pounds and 2 1/2″ off my abdomen. I have a 33” waist now, something I haven’t seen since I was in high school and I am 55 years old. We are now working on keeping me lean while gaining the muscle I want.

I have worked with other trainers in the past with mixed results. I would get the programming, but was pretty much on my own from there. Bryan is by far the most solid and supportive trainer I have worked with. He communicates regularly through both email and Skype, and is able to gauge where I am on both workouts and nutrition and make real time adjustments based on my feedback.

I’m always a little nervous paying a remote trainer, but Bryan has provided such great attention to my training, and to me personally, I trust him. His years of “bro” training both himself and clients make for an awesome coach and someone I can rely on to help me reach my goals. And also for a crazy arm workout!”


Pheroze K.

“If you’ve come to the realization that what is best in life is being in shape in your middle-age, Bryan will get you there and then some. Beyond being a (jacked) encyclopedia of physique, health, and nutrition, Bryan is the most hands-on online coach I’ve ever experienced. Throughout your journey, he’ll keep you informed, empowered, and accountable and, yes, he’ll get you ripped.”


It boils down to how badly you want to be successful.

Of course not everyone can afford or even needs a coach. Some people are successful on their own through trial and error, great genetics, or blind luck.

Thing is, if you don’t have that juicy genetics gift, those other two options get really expensive, really fast. It all depends on how much your time is worth to you.

Have you ever done the “life math” and figured out your hourly rate?

How much an hour of your free time is worth to you, and then multiplied by every hour you spend exercising, preparing food, and living “the lifestyle?”

I’d wager that number is probably staggering. Especially considering what else you could be “buying” with that time, like family time, travel, or even making more money.

So can you really afford to keep wasting months or even years hopping from program to program or diet to diet, hoping that one day you’ll land on the “perfect program” that will take you to the physique promised land?

I’m not much of a betting man, but that sounds like a fool’s wager to me.


Let’s Get Started!

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If you are, I’ll send you an email as soon as a spot becomes available and we’ll move on to the next step.

If we’re not a good fit, I’ll contact you right away, so that you may pursue a different option.

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