Just today someone asked about my “coaching philosophy.”

That’s not even bullshit. Seriously, someone did ask me. But do take note, when you read “people always ask me…” you can comfortably assume there’s a trailer load of horseshit on the way.

Anyway, after I was asked, I ended up thinking a lot about it and decided it was this: “Everything Matters.”

Not exactly “go heavy or go home” or “if the bar ain’t bending you’re just pretending.” But those two words sums up my approach to coaching physique transformation.

Think of what’s involved in the fat loss or muscle building process:

  • weight training
  • proper diet
  • sleep
  • recovery/stress management
  • lifestyle
  • overall health (mental/physical)

Now, if any of those are off target your results will be affected. And if you’re over 40, just one out of sync can stop results in their tracks. A middle-aged body is less forgiving than a 20-something who can typically stay up late and eat garbage and still make great progress.

Which leads to the second half of my coaching philosophy: everything is connected.

You can do an hour of cardio a day but if you constantly blow your diet due to sugar cravings then you need to fix that.

Though if the cravings are due to poor sleep, you need to fix that.

And if the poor sleep is due to work stress, then… see what I mean?

Everything is connected.

While nobody is perfect (nor has to be to get results) I’ve found we ALL have one or two glaring holes in our game that hold us back. But often the underlying issue manifests as something entirely different.

So you need to have the self-awareness to determine where you’re falling short but also the humility to do the heavy lifting required to figure out why it’s happening.

Obviously, I can’t do all that for someone — I’m just a coach. But I do help point them in the right direction.

Everything is connected AND everything matters.

– Bryan