Wanna lose body fat?

It’s a stone-cold fact that a dialed-in diet and a sensible, progressive program of weight training are the physiological bedrock of an effective fat-loss diet.

But, if you’re looking for an edge, a daily walk is a powerful psychological fat loss measure.

Some might even call it a superpower.

Because when done right—that time spent walking is yours and yours alone.

You can use it to reflect on WHY you’re pursuing a fat loss goal. To evaluate your commitment to the process, learn from your mistakes and commit to doing better. To plan or review your day and blow off a little stress.

And yes, it even burns a few extra calories.

But when you can commit to walking daily, it’s SO much more than calorie burn.

It’s your daily dose of exercise that restores both body AND mind…

…with ZERO downsides.

– Coach Bryan