You might’ve noticed I’ve generally been absent from social media (except for Instagram Stories, which I fire off on the fly as I go about my day).

The main reasons have been “too damn busy” with normal client work and things like preparing for the Silverback Summit at the end of October, so social media was the first thing to get chopped.

Plus the weather here in the mountains (at least until recently) has been incredible. Every day I make sure to take my kid to the park and just soak it all in as the big deep freeze isn’t far off.

What’s noteworthy is that being outside so much has made me feel very satisfied. Like I really don’t HAVE to be inside cranking out more “content” or signing-up new clients. That I have enough already.

Maybe its because I’m with my kid and without my phone? Who knows. I think there’s something to it.

Enough about me.

Ever look back on a week of consistent hard exercise and see no movement on the scale because of restaurant meals with friends, big family dinners, or travel?

It almost makes you look at the time spent huffing and pushing and think “why bother?”

Except … you’re living the reason why!

Consider that your dedication to physical fitness is giving you FREEDOM. The opportunity to enjoy the best parts of life without affecting your health or backsliding into your fat pants.

So what if there’s no progress? Life can’t always be just sacrifice in exchange for a few inches or pounds leading to some far-away goal.

There’s nothing wrong with putting the car into park from time to time if it means enjoying some spots along the way.

All good times come to an end. And when they do, just make sure your diet discipline matches your exercise commitment and you’ll start making progress again.

It’s sorta like the lesson I’ve learned being outside recently: don’t wait ’til life is over before you finally decide to enjoy it!

– Coach Bryan