Last year, I wrote about how Stallone’s performance in the movie Copland taught us a valuable lesson about body transformation.

In the movie, Sly played an out-of-shape cop, and instead of just putting on a fat suit, he went full Method actor and gained over 40 pounds of bodyfat.

But preparing for the role wasn’t easy for Sly, especially at first. The weight wasn’t coming on and he struggled to embody the new character.

The problem was the action star was still fundamentally self-identifying as his fit and muscular Rocky-Rambo persona.

It wasn’t until Stallone learned to let go of his old, ingrained image that he was able to fully assume the character of “overweight cop.”
Sly stopped explaining away his condition and let himself feel embarrassed and self-conscious, and accepted the introversion that followed, which became self-isolation.

No friends, no fans, no Hollywood entourage. Just him, the TV, and his self-destructive habits.

The result was 40 pounds of unhealthy weight and arguably the best performance of his career.

The lesson was that body transformation MUST start with deciding who you really are before you start on a diet or exercise plan.

By asking yourself how being in shape would improve your life and make you a better person.

Only then can you fully address your environment, habits, and schedule, and envision what your new life would actually be like.

So if you’re currently out of shape and struggling to achieve consistency with improvements to lifestyle, diet or excise, consider the following questions.

Have you actually sat and thought about what your ideal lifestyle would look like if you were in better shape?

Can you imagine how being in better shape might improve your life and make you a better person?

Can you visualize how it would FEEL to be fit, healthy and full of energy?

And if the answer to all of the above is a resounding NO, what’s in the way? Is it because deep down you don’t actually feel like your current behaviors, lifestyle or condition are holding you back?

Whatever the answers, today—if you’re willing—I’d love to hear YOUR perspective.

– Coach Bryan