The Washington Redtails.


Hits a lot of notes (military, black history) most everyone could get behind. Even keeps “red” in the mix for easy brand reckoning.

Years ago I had a Native Studies prof who was an OG in the “pro sport teams should change their names” movement.

However, she didn’t have a problem with names like Sioux or Blackhawks or even Indians and Chiefs.

If anything naming streets or lakes after tribes, like Blackfoot Ave or Lake Huron, helped keep prominent figures of Aboriginal (and North American) history alive in everyday vocabulary, and not completely eradicated by colonialism.

(Though that Indians logo and the Tomahawk Chop, not so much).

But it was the name Redskin that really drew her ire.

The word redskin is a slur to Native people. Plain and simple.

Imagine this for a second. Take any racial slur you can think of. One that’s really offensive. Now imagine it as a team name. How does it sound?

Ouch. She does make a point.

Personally, I think Redtail is a cool name — just work a plane into that logo and c’mon what’s not to like?

Oh, and get new ownership. 😉

Even if you completely disagree — you’re a die-hard ‘Skins fan and rock a Theismann jersey and matching knee brace every Sunday — just think about the argument before reacting.

And here’s a tip: the more immediate and visceral your reaction (“Oh HELL no!”), the more it’s a sign you SHOULD think about it, even consider it.

Because while it still might not change your mind, at least then your opinions have withstood the intense crucible of an opposing viewpoint.

And if you DO change your mind? It’s not “I’m bowing to public pressure and PC culture because I’m weak.”

It’s “I’m changing my position based on new information and my personal commitment to never stop growing. ”


Oh… and Happy July 4th.

– Bryan