There are many diet and exercise “challenges” out there.

Most are directed at attracting newbies, which might actually be counterproductive: isn’t the process (not to mention life) already challenging enough?

Instead of simply railing against the concept of a challenge, however, I like to note that, for the committed folks, there are a couple challenges that can really make your life better, IF you are successful.

Best these two “simple but not easy” ones and you get a serious return on your investment.

​Challenge #1. No Drinking.

For many weekend drinking is just a given, a comfortable social norm or just way to unwind. And in moderation its fine, in that regard.

But I have never worked with anyone — ever — who didn’t get better results in terms of fat loss when they cut out (or at least paused) an even moderate “couple of drinks on the weekend” habit. 

I think it’s less about the calories or any effects on metabolism and more on subtleties like changes in sleep quality and food cravings. Again, I don’t know the why. It just happens EVERY TIME.

​Challenge #2. Stick to a WEEKEND diet plan.

Contrary to popular belief, meal plans DO work, if you build it yourself and you base it around you, your lifestyle and your family dynamic.

(This is one reason why I never send out meal plans. I prefer to help my clients eat better — but to do it in a way that works for them.)

Part of making a meal plan work is making it work through the entire week. Even the best weekday plan can fall apart on the weekend because our lives tend to be different. So pledging to follow your daily diet to a T on the weekend can be extra challenging.

By the time the weekend rolls around, you just want to let loose and say **** it.

The easiest and most effective approach is not to willpower your way through it.

Instead, account for the differences brought about by the weekend with respect to you, your lifestyle and your family dynamic. Build a separate weekend-only plan, based on what you’re already doing on the weekend.

Something with similar calories & composition as Monday to Friday but perhaps fewer, larger meals. Or skipping breakfast. Or room for a restaurant meal.

Its your life and your weekend. Those finer details are totally flexible. Take advantage of it and crush the weekend.

​That’s it. Take on these two challenges next weekend and see how you come ​next Monday.

– Coach Bryan