Are you in your 30s or 40s and want to look great and enjoy hard, productive workouts into your 50’s and beyond?

Then you need to adjust your training proactively.

As in NOW, while you’re still (relatively) young and healthy.
Before you’re forced to make serious adjustments due to injury.

It doesn’t mean you can no longer train hard or chase PRs.

It simply means some things have to change. Showing up again tomorrow becomes priority #1.

Here’s what that looks like.

Avoid Unnecessary Injury.

* Never work through pain. Ever. If something feels off, find an alternative exercise. There’s always at least one.

* Avoid higher-risk lifts by finding a safer alternative. Barbell lifts are great but dumbbell and cable variations are typically safer and even better. Don’t avoid machines either. The good ones are gold.

* Go for higher reps.
Studies show that sets of 6-30 reps will build muscle as long the set is taken to muscular failure. This is great for older lifters as lighter loads are safer and easier to get into position.

* Do Something Every Day.
The idea that older lifters need to workout less is a myth. Move it or lose it definitely applies. If anything, an older lifter should do something every day but fewer hard training days per week.

So while a 25 year old might crush 4-5 hard workouts a week and scroll IG on their off days, a 55 year old might do 3 hard weight workouts per week along with two days of cardio, a yoga class, and a round of golf or a game of tennis.

* Take a Flexible Approach
Big picture, it means putting you first and weaving training into your life, rather than force it.

Your split shouldn’t dictate your schedule. Take days off as needed. Have alternative exercises & workouts at the ready. Just don’t feel recovered enough for a hard weight training workout? Do a lighter “B” workout. Or go for a Peloton ride instead. Or even just a walk.

Listen to your body and let training serve you, not control you.

– Coach Bryan