I’m a big picture kinda guy. And I think one way people screw up the physique transformation process is by not being that way.

Or by over-compartmentalizing things. 

For example, folks often have “diet food” and “regular food.” Or they only do cardio when dieting, or practice healthy habits only when actively trying to lose fat, then let it slide the rest of the year. 

To that end, I’d MUCH much rather someone got really, really slow — take 8 months to do a “12-week transformation,” and as a result make the habits really stick — as opposed to dive-bombing into a vigorous plan and then coming out of it in 3 months ripped but totally unaware of what the hell even happened. 


One of the best things you can do is create two lists: a to-do list, and a NOT TO DO list. 

The latter may sound negative but is way more important. In fact I’d rather someone dump ONE bad habit than take on FIVE positive ones.

This is how you do it. You have your two lists, and every week you add ONE positive to-do to you life and try to drop one NOT to do.

The goal is to add one and drop one every week, and make they sure they stick. And if you’re unsuccessful on either front you have to try again before adding/removing another. 

It ain’t easy. If you think you’re gonna add 12 good ones and drop 12 bad ones in 3 months, well, good luck to you.

Here’s an example: Me.

This year my To-Do’s we’re pretty typical:

  • Track my food
  • Consistent sleep-wake times 7 days a week
  • Use my CPAP every night 
  • Walk my dogs every day 
  • Train with purpose 
  • Eat veggies at least two times per day 

But my Not-to-Dos have been pretty tough.

  • No eating when stressed.
  • No snacking on nachos or shit just cause Game of Thrones 
  • No alcohol. Period. 
  • No mindless web surfing 
  • No sweet fixes after a meal. When I’m done a meal, kitchen is closed.
  • Avoid random messages from very random women on Facebook, Instagram, and every other damn platform. 

Don’t just do more good stuff. Do less bad. 

Slow & steady people.