You can thank Daylight Savings Time.

There are plenty of tips, hacks, and of course supplements that supposedly help with fat loss.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority don’t do a damn thing—at least compared to the basics of calorie control, resistance and cardiovascular exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Yet even the brilliant basics only work if you are consistent with them, which is impossible if your lifestyle is a chaotic grease fire.

It all starts with a consistent lifestyle, specifically in terms of meal times, training times, AND sleep and wake times—which brings this ramble back to the Zombie thing.

Solidifying sleep/wake times is a complete game-changer and is best achieved by treating weekends like an extension of the workweek, if possible.

Those who commit to this not only report feeling more rested Monday morning but also as having more stable energy and fewer cravings overall.

And if ever there was a weekend to be vigilant with sleep, it’s THIS weekend, where an hour of precious sleep will be taken from you.

So don’t be like the millions who will stay up past 2am Saturday night, then get an extra kick to the junk and lose another hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time.

For sustainable, healthy fat loss, it’s always the basic lifestyle tweaks that are most effective.

– Coach Bryan