Wanna hang out at the end of October?

I have to chop down a dying tree in my yard so my neighbour, The Angry Lawyer, stops giving me the stink-eye over the fence.

But if that’s not your game, how about joining October 27-29 in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for something a lot more fun: the first ever Silverback Summit — the ultimate men’s health + fitness education experience.

The Silverback Summit is the brainchild of my friend Ali Gilbert, an excellent fitness professional who is a) jacked and b) one of the industry’s most respected authorities on men’s health.

Now there’s no shortage of resources for “information” about testosterone, cardiac health, fitness, and nutrition.

However, when I want to get DIRECT ANSWERS to my specific questions or problems within that realm, Ali Gilbert is my go to.

Now this isn’t going to be a 3 day power-point in a hotel conference room. It’s going to be interactive as well as informative: an unfiltered, uncensored and FUN meet-up for men to obtain answers to their heath, fitness, and wellness questions.

The Silverback Summit

Want to know your true cardiac risk and whether to worry about cholesterol?

Have you been told your testosterone is “normal” but still don’t feel like yourself?

How about the best approach to build muscle + bring out your abs?

My contribution will be the best over-40 training modifications (which is really just smart training) as well as essential big picture stuff for getting in great shape in the real world.

There will also be a practical in-the-gym component with Ali and me. And apparently bourbon, though I don’t think at the same time.

So what do you say? Three days of lectures, social events, mini competitions, and workouts with Ali’s most trusted authorities in the men’s health arena.

Or, you can help me take down this stupid tree. Do you own a chainsaw? Are you any good with it? Remember that scene in Scarface?

The Silverback Summit