Meal plans don’t work.


So having a well-planned set of meals you routinely shop for, prepare, and eat every day is ineffective for reaching a body composition goal?


Groundbreaking news!

Especially for the THOUSANDS of physique athletes (professional and recreational) who have successfully followed meal plans since the invention of lined paper and a fridge magnet.

But in all seriousness, there IS some truth to the statement.

You see, a meal plan designed by someone else RARELY works—except for the most committed and dedicated individuals.

Even when going off a favorite food list, the coach designing the meal plan can’t consistently account for personal tendencies, meal preparation issues, family and social dynamics, and varying degrees of boredom, tolerance, and taste fatigue.

So as the outside influence, a coach is better off providing practical eating guidelines (not the same as “knowledge” and certainly not more “studies”) and some individualized strategies to help them weave the guidelines into their everyday life.

The key to success is to keep it as SIMPLE as possible.

So simple, that the client barely has to think.

It’s almost like helping them set up and follow a meal plan.

Because they work.

— Coach Bryan