PSA: The ideal or healthy amount of alcohol in your diet is ZERO.

Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Not one glass of wine a day for the resveratrol or a drink after work to take the edge off.

The much-celebrated health benefits were all a ruse—a classic case of “when marketing meets wishful thinking.”

The results from multiple randomized trials keep rolling in and they’re unequivocal: ANY amount of alcohol—even one drink—is a step away from health.

It’s also a physique destroyer.

Not just due to the calories, which can be accommodated for, but the deleterious effects on sleep, recovery, hunger cues, and even hormones.

Now, can you drink a little and still get in shape?

Of course.

But understand that no amount of alcohol is healthy or helpful or has any benefit beyond how it might make you feel.

It’s also way too easy for a little to become a lot.

‘Cause “that feeling” you’re chasing is elusive and hides deeper and deeper in the bottle.

So if you wanna indulge, that’s cool.

Just be informed and make an adult decision.

– Coach Bryan