NEVER refer to choices you had the luxury of making as a “grind”—especially choices that lead to a better, healthier, and happier life.

For many people, the opportunity to pursue self-betterment is, at best, a pipe dream.

Do you know what IS a grind?

– being a single mom working two jobs to barely make ends meet.

– trying to cope with the daily challenges of a crippling disability.

– living in a repressed or war-ravaged country with no hope of salvation.

Getting up at 5am to work out or track your diet?

Sorry, that’s a privilege.

Or at worst, it’s a task to do—and one you signed up for, no less.

So you have TWO options to end the “suffering.”

1. You quit.

Just stop. No one cares. Then you can hit snooze again—there’s no cardio to do, no gym bag to pack, or meals to prep. Breakfast is a bacon-egg-n-cheese on the way to work, and lunch is leftover pizza from the accounting team lunch. The workday can end at beer-o-clock, and bedtime is whenever you wake long enough to realize you’re still sprawled on the couch.

2. You shift your perspective.

You welcome the opportunity for self-improvement and see every little task completed as a step closer to your goals.

You reflect and reconnect on WHY you choose to do what you do.

Minor inconveniences are embraced.

Small concessions are made.

Gratification is delayed.

Because we’re all TRULY privileged to have the opportunity and means to pursue good health.

So smile and embrace the suck.

There’s progress to be made!

– Coach Bryan