The fat-loss game is full of inconvenient truths.

And they cut right through a lot of the industry bullshit.

The biggest?

The healthiest diet EVER is a bad fat-loss diet if you aren’t in a weekly calorie deficit.

And while tracking is the baseline for getting that right, here’s the litmus test that rarely fails:

If you’re never hungry on your diet you probably aren’t losing any fat.

I can’t tell you how many people end-up treading water for the simple fact that the weekend is taken as time to back off, relax… or worse, “reward yourself”.

Cause again, the more your weekend diet resembles your weekday diet, the leaner you get.

And while I’d love to, I can’t change the rules of the game.

But I can help you win!

Here are a few other “uncomfortable realities” in terms of FAT LOSS.

* Food variety is overrated and complicates tracking—which is already a tax on eating.

* Metabolism doesn’t really slow down with age—but we sure do.

* Cardio is a very distant third to weight training and diet—but it sure “feels” like progress.

* Sleep is a forgotten factor—for just about every kind of life stress… and especially fat loss.

* If fitting alcohol into your macros is a primary concern then you’ll never reach your physique potential. I mean, you can try and be the exception, but it says a lot about your priorities.

* The more work required to get your hands on junk food, the less likely you are to eat it.

So don’t bring home crap—even if it’s “just in case company comes over.”

You’re not that popular. And your friends can bring their own Doritos.

– Coach Bryan