Some people need strict and specific eating directions.

It’s not always a knowledge or experience thing. They just do better when things are laid out in VERY black and white terms.

i.e. “8 oz grilled or baked chicken or turkey breast.”

On the other hand, some respond much better to looser, no-counting type recommendations like “a palm sized portion of lean meat or fish.”

Now, you can make intelligent arguments for either practice in terms of validity, practicality, and sustainability—God knows I’ve been dragged into my share of them.

But what I do know for sure is this:

The number one “coaching killer” isn’t poor measuring, faulty calorie labels, excessive portions, or hidden sugars.

It isn’t even hunger (or boredom masquerading as hunger).

It’s anxiety.

‘Cause assuming it’s nutritionally sound, if you BELIEVE in the diet you’re following and it “works” for you mentally, emotionally and practically, you’ll very likely be successful.

Eventually, you’ll get there.


Because you’ll work at it, even have fun with it.

And most important of all, you’ll stop stressing and just RELAX. Which will make your daily process feel almost effortless instead of a monumental burden that dominates your mind every waking moment.

So step one is to determine who you are and how you navigate the world.

Are you a cold, hard-numbers person, or more of a portion-it-out, keep-it-simple type?

Then select the plan that best fits your mental model.

Of course, your approach will change and evolve—just as YOU will change and evolve.

But ya gotta start somewhere.

So just start where you are.

– Coach Bryan