As much as I love being an online fitness coach, the fact that I rarely see my clients and colleagues in person can be a real drag.

It’s why I always loved continuing-ed seminars.

Not only are they fun and informative getaways, they allow me to meet up with clients and friends and network with other like-minded professionals. Plus I always return home with my batteries fully charged (though often a little sleep deprived).

That being said, I don’t attend nearly as many as I once did.

Part of it is just being busy and being a dad.

But the main reason is that I seldom find events that really click with me, my interests or, more importantly, what many of my clients are looking for.

Cause what really excites me is best described as the sweet spot where health, longevity, body composition, and performance intersect.

THAT’S my jam.

And it’s exactly what the Silverback Summit is all about.

The Silverback Summit is the brainchild of my friend and Queen of men’s health, Ali Gilbert.

The 2nd Annual SBS (I just made up that acronym) will be held November 9th – 11th in beautiful Austin, TX, at the Omni Downtown Austin.

I had a small part in the inaugural event last year, and while it didn’t start off well for me (I caught food poisoning on the way down and missed most of day one), I still came away of the opinion that it was the most informative, practical, and fun seminar I’d attended in years.

I also knew that I wanted to get involved, help grow it, and spread the word…

And it IS growing.

This year’s Silverback Summit is going to be bigger and better, covering topics of great importance to health-minded men.

Things like:

• TRT delivery methods: the best ones + why

• True cardiac risk: saturated fats, total cholesterol, statins

• Nootropics, psychedelics, + other cognitive enhancement supplements

• Advanced approaches to altering body composition (THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!)

• PED’s and steroids: Safe use + education

• Training enhanced vs non-enhanced

• Estrogen in men: antagonist or ally?

• The efficacy of non-TRT interventions for increasing testosterone

Best of all, it’s not just 12 hours of sitting at a table staring at power points.

It’s a free-wheeling mix of formal presentations, debate-style panels, Q&A discussions, and even casual fireside chats—all designed so you can get the most out of the weekend.

Plus, everyone involved will be hanging out all weekend and just being bros, which means if you really wanna buy me lunch or dinner (or both) well then Austin has GREAT BBQ and I will happily be at your service.

If you are a coach, I can PROMISE you this: this is the tip of the spear. You will be at the top of your craft with the approaches and strategies learned here.

And if you’re just a fitness enthusiast, you’ll be exposed to everything you’ve ever wanted to know—but no one will say or talk about. Everyone involved is a 20-year plus industry vet and it all gets revealed here!

For everyone else, it’ll be a great time spent with like-minded people who “get” you and your mission.

Look—I rarely promote things to my audience, and I NEVER give oxygen to stuff I don’t believe in or use personally. And I’m not getting paid or a commission for promoting or helping at this event.

I just see the value of it for men like me, and I think you will too.

There’s an EARLY BIRD rate where you save a truckload of cash if you book before the end of July.

So visit the link below and reserve your spot:

And there’s also a link to order recordings of the presentations.

See you in November!
– Coach Bryan