Something I’ve noticed this week.

Those using the shutdown to try new things or even just get caught up on cleaning are a LOT happier than those fixating non-stop on the things they temporarily can’t do.

I mean, in 4 (8-12?) weeks you can return to the gym with:

  • lower resting heart rate from the steady state cardio you’re been doing every day;
  • leaner and in better diet rhythm from working on meal prep every day and trying new recipes;
  • well-rested and full of energy from your new seven day-a-week 9:30-5 sleep schedule;
  • happier because you took time each day to reconnect with some old friends;
  • in a better place because you stopped and did an honest assessment of your life — your values, your goals, and whether your actions AND your thoughts are congruent with them.
  • a totally fucked up haircut because you broke down and busted out the Flowbie.


  • You can return to the gym angry and bitter that you lost a whole MONTH or more of training and now you’re going to have DOMS for DAYS because you couldn’t squat.
  • …and still have a fucked up hair-cut.

Your choice.