The more daily rituals you have, the easier it is to relax and execute at a high level.

Examples might be:

* Regular sleep/wake times

* The morning dog walk

* Making the same breakfast

* Consistent workout times

* Bedtime reading with the kid

It’s not really WHAT you do that matters—it’s having a set cadence of tasks that establish a rhythm.

The cool thing is, over time, you’ll find you have more energy at the same time every day when you need it (like the workout period) and less when you don’t (before bed).

The key is to establish this rhythm during periods of “normalcy” (say, November) so you can still reap the benefits during chaos (Christmas travel).

And for the shift workers, it’s less about the exact timing—just focus on the tasks themselves.

So if the first thing you do upon waking is drink 2 cups of water and take your supplements, then do that.

Whatever time that happens to be.

It will still work.

– Coach Bryan