Progress is not always linear.

We all have days where we appear to “plateau” and can’t seem to add more weight or reps in a workout.

And all too often, people rush to swap out movements—or even dump the entire program—presuming that a change is needed to reboot progress.

But in truth, the struggle is a fundamental part of the process and NOT something you should rush to avoid.

Because striving to improve a lift—even when you can’t add more weight—almost always brings improvement.

And if I wasn’t clear—two stalled movements when everything else is creeping forward is NOT a plateau. Progress is never a straight line—not for one lift—and certainly not for an entire workout.

But let’s say you do cave and swap out a couple of exercises.

Sure, you see some immediate progress.

But remember, those initial improvements are invariably due to neural efficiency, not new muscle tissue accretion.

So perhaps sticking with the stalled lifts and fighting the “good fight” to break thru the wall is the smarter play?

And that “wall”? It’s usually a combination of mental angst and poor recovery. So doubling down on nutrition and especially sleep is always the first place to start.


You’ll be surprised at how much progress you can make when you show up with a positive attitude and a willingness to keep pushing forward.

– Coach Bryan