My old client Doug (not commenting on your age haha) is one of those folks that rarely need me to check on their food choices. 

Because he’s the right kind of “foodie.”

Now the word “foodie” became popular a few years ago with the explosion of The Food Network and many others like it.

Suddenly everyone was “passionate” about kale and quinoa and the perils of perfecting risotto while spending their summer vacations scouring middle America for the best heart attack hamburger.

But they’e got it all wrong.

Real “foodies” are guys like Doug.

Simply, he loves to source, prepare, cook and eat fresh, healthy whole foods.

It’s not a chore or a “necessary evil.”

It’s fun for him, and when something is fun, we tend to do it better and more consistently.

Now factor in that there is a distinct correlation between those who eat mindfully (and at home) with improved body composition and you can see why this is noteworthy.

Here’s a quick note from Doug himself, followed by a pic of the jacked SOB:

“It becomes a lot easier to stay consistent when you prepare your own food. You can change up the ingredients a little to keep it fresh.

I didn’t learn to cook because I like cooking, I learned to cook because I like eating. It’s a really helpful way to stay on track.”

Well said Big D!