When I was a kid I would pay a drop-in at the local World Gym to watch all the massive dudes workout, even pretend that I was one of them.

One day in walks Macho Man Randy Savage (there was a match in town) along with some other big dude that I didn’t recognize.

They skipped the change rooms and went straight to the rack and started squatting, quickly working up to 3 plates a side.

Mystery Partner Guy (MPG) then did 6-10 reps with that weight (315-pounds)

Randy was up next and he also squatted 3 plates for 6-10 reps.

Except he didn’t use three 45-pound plates a side, or 315 pounds. He used three 35-pound plates a side, or 255 pounds.

So before Randy’s sets they’d strip off the six 45 pound plates and put on six 35-pound plates. And immediately after Randy’s sets, they’d replace the 35’s with 45s so MPG could do his set.

But Randy didn’t do any of the stripping & loading.

Mystery Partner Guy did it ALL.

Take off six 35’s.
Put on six 45’s.
Immediately take off six 45’s.
Put on six 35’s.
Spot Randy.

This went on and on for at least 40 minutes.

I assume MPG was Randy’s driver or bodyguard, or maybe an aspiring wrestler who was just sucking up to the boss by helping him save face.

But this I do know. Actually, two things.

  1. There aren’t many guys out there, anywhere, like MPG.
  2. MPG had the biggest forearms I’ve ever seen

– Bryan