These are stressful times.

I worry about my future and my wife’s (who’s now out of work) and our family’s way of life.

I also worry about my clients, if they’re all doing okay.

The gyms being closed doesn’t help with the stress levels, since working out is a great way to blow off steam.

So I’m providing training program modifications to allow for home workouts, which of course is the least I can do.

But I’ve also been thinking a lot about this.

Perhaps for the current crisis, and for some people, that’s actually a mistake?

Maybe scrambling to slap together a training program out of resistance bands, soup cans, and a box of old VHS tapes isn’t the right play. Maybe it doesn’t even send the right message.

You’re not going to lose “your gains” by taking some time off, even up to a month, especially if you stay active. At worst you’ll lose some strength, which comes back very fast anyway.

But is a dumpster workout the best use of your time?

Maybe your effort would be better placed reinforcing other parts of the process (diet, cardio, sleep, meal prep, recovery, stress management)?

Or considering the current climate, checking up on family and friends?

The gym life will return and we’ll all be back on board the Gains Train soon enough. So don’t stress about it.

(I mean, isn’t a global pandemic/economic apocalypse stressful enough?)