Meet Brody, a young social media guru and party enthusiast. He’s jacked, charismatic, and has a style that sets the party on 🔥.

But would you turn to Brody for advice on getting someone over 40 into shape, especially with a challenging career and growing family?

Probably not.

Why? Because the ‘skin in the game’ is crucial.

It separates relevant wisdom from mere trivia. It’s about living and experiencing the challenges, not just learning about them on social media or asking ChatGPT.

And I’m not hating on Brody; it’s just about recognizing the stages of life we’ve all been through. I was once there, thinking I ‘knew everything’ about training and life. But as we grow, our perspective changes.

When you’re young, life is like a room full of mirrors, all reflecting YOU – your goals, your needs, your immediate concerns.

But as you grow and experience life, those mirrors become windows, providing a view of a landscape that’s full of responsibility and obligation and “you” is just a small part of a much bigger picture.

So, cheers to Brody and the journey that awaits him.

May he learn to balance his passions and obligations with finesse.

– Coach Bryan