So I ran a coaching push to get set for the New Year.

The response was great (thank you) but I was surprised by some of the applications.

Some folks, especially some of the women I talked to, are way too overtaxed for even a moderately intense diet and exercise plan.

Now, note that I didn’t say too stressed for a structured plan. Structure actually lowers stress.

They need a break from too many things to do and too many boxes to tick.

The analytical approach that turns a random workout into an effective, progressive training program can also wear down the mind and zap motivation.

And the tracking and measuring tools that give the freedom of flexible eating can, over time, become a prison.

It can be tough to spot.

Sometimes folks will attribute their lack of commitment to burnout when what they really need is better execution or an easier plan.

But sometimes burnout leaps out at you.

Like this from a woman with a frustrating “stubborn metabolism” after two years of training and coaching:

“I want to make sure you can work with me.

I run two businesses and have a family.

I’m busy from 5:30 AM until 7:00 PM (with an hour to drive and pick up my kids from school) but I’m committed.

I want to be successful. I just need better direction and I think you can offer me that.”

My response?

“Oh boy. I admire your focus but please, you NEED a break.

You’re in survival mode. And when you get as stressed as you are it becomes a struggle to make any headway, much less enjoy it.

Here’s what you need to do:

Sleep more.
Train less but exercise every day. Walking is king.
Have full days off.
Keep tracking but slowly release your grip. Eyeball some meals.
Play with your kids.

Give it until you’re past the point of feeling like you SHOULD follow a strict program and instead really want to. Big difference.

I’ll still be around when you’re ready but its NOT now.
Have a fun, relaxing Christmas.


If that person sounds like you, then please consider that advice too.

Be well,