Wanna meet up in Florida?

I hope everyone is enjoying our annual voyage through the Twilight Zone, the week between Christmas and New Years Day when the days all blend together, very little work gets done, and way too many calories are consumed.

Meh, it’s only a week. As a coach I’m WAY more interested in how my clients eat and & exercise the other 51 weeks of the year.

Anyway, I may not know what day of the week it is but I know exactly where I’ll be on Saturday, February 3rd: in sunny Orlando, Florida, getting my learn-on and my lift-on at the Natty or Not seminar.

It’s being put on by my friend Ali Gilbert of Silverback coaching and strength coaching legend Christian Thibaudeau. If that second name rings a bell, well it should.

I’ve been following coach Thibs for nearly 20 years and his methods flat-out WORK, and work fast. I’m stoked to finally get to meet him and learn from him in person.

As for what’s being taught in this very full day, it’s NOT just for coaches and trainers but rather anyone who’s serious about taking their body to the next level:

  • the best training programs to get you looking unrecognizable in 2024
  • nutrition & dietary tactics for men to get jacked + lean
  • everything you’ve ever wanted to know about TRT but were afraid to ask your doctor because he’s a bit of a tight-ass turd
  • performance enhancing add-ons to give your physique the finishing touch
  • plus ample opportunity to ask about anything that isn’t covered

There’s also a social event being planned for Saturday night and hopefully it’s food-related. Otherwise we’ll just make it food related. Regardless, there will be plenty of time to hang out.

The next day Ali, myself and the Silverback coaching team will be holding a FREE open gym workout. So all afternoon you can train, get your technique evaluated by any of the coaches, or just hang out and have fun and chill.

One final point: the past few years live events have taken a backseat to online seminars and webinars. While there’s nothing wrong with learning from home, you can’t compare it to the experience of being “in the room.” The energy level is higher and there’s just a lot more to take in. And it’s a lot of fun.

So if you’re in Florida (or are up North like me and looking for a reason to escape the cold) come join us at Natty or Not seminar on Saturday February 3rd.

Check the link below to take advantage of the early bird discounted price, which you can take advantage of until January 20.


– Coach Bryan