Constantly falling short of your goals?

It could be one of the “Big Cs.”

First-up: Consumption. Specifically over-consumption.

There’s no room for consuming large quantities of low-nutrition, high-calorie foods, especially if you’re trying to get lean.

But we’re not just talking about diet.

It’s consuming NOISE: “News,” opinions, social media, and negativity.

Research shows that constant exposure to a stream of negativity or stressful news can lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Social media is no better, where the curated feed of other people’s lives leads to feelings of inadequacy on the assumption that everyone else’s life is so much better than your own.

You deserve better. Save your focus for what matters.

Next: Complexity.

Unnecessary complexity is pure distraction. And nobody ever made better progress in the gym or the kitchen by ratcheting up the complexity.

A complicated, “cutting edge” program might look impressive, but a simple program performed consistently and progressed with good form is much more effective.

Same with nutrition. A simple balanced diet that emphasizes whole foods and lean protein is more effective than a complicated diet that requires juggling macros based on the weather, your star sign or eliminating entire food groups.

The last C is congruence, more accurately incongruence—the idea that we can’t reach our full potential when our actions don’t align with our values.

Got a goal to live healthier but can’t pass up a drink or two after work? It will be much harder to make progress and see results.

The same is true for exercise. You can’t keep skipping workouts and binge-watching TV when you’ve committed to being more active.

But it’s more than missing goals.

When behaviors contradict your values, the incongruence can lead to feelings of guilt, frustration, and decreased motivation.

Show me someone who regularly breaks commitments to themselves and I’ll show you someone who’s depressed and just floating through life.

So take an honest look at your habits and lifestyle, and identify the areas where you can make changes to better align your actions with your values and goals.

Moderate. Simplify. Align.

– Coach Bryan