This is what happens when you “weave” a fitness plan into your busy life (as opposed to just hopping onto a cookie cutter program), and focus on the Big Rocks.

We’ve worked with Mariah McCullough for quite some time and she just refuses to quit — despite facing more than her share of real life challenges along the way.

Among those challenges were the days when the scale didn’t reflect the amount of effort she was putting in toward her goal.

But rather than get pissed off and cast doubt upon herself, questioning whether the sacrifices are worth it, she continued along trusting the process.

The graph illustrates the progress she’s made in just the past few months. As you can see, there are ups and downs along the way. This is in spite of her consistent effort.

The upward spikes aren’t a result of a ‘bad day’. They just happened in spite of having a great day. The daily ups and downs don’t paint an accurate picture of what’s going on.

It’s the overall downward trend that is a reflection of the incredible dedication Mariah has toward the process of achieving her goal.

This is a huge benefit that comes from tracking your journey. When you face these challenges you can reflect back on when they happened in the past and you can see the result of maintaining your focus on the daily tasks that have eventually allowed you to hurdle the obstacle and come ahead stronger than ever before.

Mariah has developed a very healthy fascination with the human body and her ability to make the most out of the gifts she’s been granted.

She’s keen on learning both through book knowledge and through experience. She’s not looking to learn about shortcuts or weird tricks. She’s focused on sustainability and doing the things that bring joy to the experience.

And the best part… she’s leading by example and inspiring others to strive for their goals. Her positive energy is absolutely contagious and brings out the best in those around her.

The take home message here, is that if you have become inspired to transform your body because you saw somebody else’s transformation, rather than ask them what their diet was like or what workout program they followed, instead ask them how they were able to find joy in the process and consistently stay the course during the times when their results were not reflective of their efforts, and in spite of the obstacles and challenges they faced.

Huge props to Mariah for leading such a positive example of what this lifestyle is all about. Self-discovery and self-growth… not an end result.

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