Losing fat is very simple. Just not easy.

The mechanics of fat loss can be taught in under an hour (sustaining a calorie deficit, eating enough protein, regular weight training), and yet it’s still so damn hard for most people to pull off consistently.

The basics, like figuring out your diet numbers and planning some meals. aren’t that tough.

Nor is shopping, cooking, prepping, and especially TRACKING all those meals (family meals too).

It’s doing all of the above for MONTHS.

Certainly eating the same thing every day would make this easier, especially as you get into a groove.

But who the hell does that, much less wants to?

Well, what if I told you: you’re basically doing it already!

The average person eats the same breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day (or at least every work day). It’s only dinner where there’s more variety, but even then it’s not THAT expansive.

So why not accept reality and use it to run towards your goal?

If you’re eating the same breakfast, lunch, and snacks, enter them into your online tracker and repeat every day. Live how you’re already living!

As for dinner, map out 3-5 meals that you can easily shop for, prep, and eat and simply rotate through them.

If it sounds way too easy or “kindergarten level,” keep this in mind:

I was listening to a podcast with IFBB Pro and Mr. Olympia finalist Josh Wade.

Screenshot of Josh Wade posing on his instagram.

He said he eats the same basic diet ALL YEAR ROUND. Chicken, rice, vegetables, lean beef, etc.

When he follows it to a T (no cheats), it’s a FAT LOSS DIET.

When he has snacks with his kids and cheat meals on the weekend, it’s a MAINTENANCE DIET.

And where he purposely adds 1,000+ calories to it, it’s a WEIGHT GAIN DIET.

So if someone that exceptional deliberately keeps things very simple, is there ANY logical advantage for anyone to make things more complicated?

Pretty simple answer.

Coach Bryan