At some point, everyone I’ve coached has had to deal with a “life curveball.”

People get sick. Accidents happen. Tragedy strikes. And overnight, five small, healthy meals a day becomes picking at hospital food in a crowded waiting room.

These events await all of us.

No one is exempt.

And worrying about falling off your plan or “losing your gains” only adds more stress to a difficult situation.

So when these things happen, I tell all my clients some variation of the following:

“Remember how I kept talking about the importance of consistency and getting into a healthy, sustainable pattern? Well, it prepares you for times like this—when you’re thrust into chaos and forced to focus on more important areas of your life.

“But that ‘training’ is still there, running in the background, helping you make the best possible decisions—even if you’re unaware of it.

“And rest assured, that pattern we established isn’t going anywhere. It’s just on hold, waiting for you to be ready to get going again.

“For now, just be present and do what you have to do.”

– Coach Bryan