Or more specifically, the lack of it.

Suppose you’ve reached the end of a training block and there’s been almost no progress on the scale or in the mirror. Your instinct can be to point the finger directly at “the workout.”

And it could indeed be your program.

But honestly, that’s probably not the issue.

Almost any reasonable training program will work for just about everybody—provided they hold up their end with consistency and effort.

So when the results aren’t there, you’ve got to be honest in evaluating your effort and commitment, inside and out of the gym.

With training, it’s about stacking up a long run of progressive improvement over time. Be that weight on the bar, total reps completed, or the same work completed with better quality or in less time.

And we’re talking for weeks or MONTHS on end—the longer you’ve been training, the longer it can take to see results.

But even the best run of consistent training may do little more than keep your head above water unless you are meticulous in managing NUTRITION and LIFESTYLE.

Successful fat loss can only happen with careful calorie control, enough protein, and effective stress management.

Building muscle requires a consistent energy surplus, deliberate feeding, and sufficient recovery.

Even “maintenance” requires that all three legs of the stool—TRAINING, NUTRITION, LIFESTYLE—be planted firmly on the floor and of relatively equal length.

So if you’re not seeing progress, STOP.

Pull-back and UP.

Evaluate the big picture.

There’s a good chance it’s not the programming that needs your undivided attention.

– Coach Bryan