Alex Trebek announced he has advanced-stage pancreatic cancer.

While treatment has come a long way, that’s still a dire diagnosis. Especially if you’re pushing 80 years old.

Trebek, always a pro, delivered the bad news with professionalism and textbook Canadian humor, saying he needed to beat the disease to fulfill his Jeopardy hosting contract.

But he knows his odds of winning this fight aren’t great.

Sure, with excellent care and a great attitude he could live a few years, at least. Even long enough to die from something entirely different, like a heart attack, stroke, or just old age waiting for the release of the Muller report.

But perhaps a guy as intelligent, rich, and long in the tooth as Trebek sees his terminal diagnosis a different way.

Perhaps for Trebek, knowing he’s going to die soon is a gift?

The universe just gave him his walking papers. And regardless of what science can do, even a miraculous 100% remission, he still shouldn’t be heavily investing in green bananas.

Iif he’s got shit left to do he’d be wise to do it ASAP. Not after the monthly ratings are in. As in today.

Now imagine what GOOD he could do? With his resources combined with the fire of knowing his time is about to end?

He’s literally in a position to change the world. Or at least change the lives for thousands of people, while inspiring millions more.

What a gift. If he chooses to see it that way.

The question is, given such bad news, what would YOU do?

Were you told you had mere months left, how would spend your time?

Would you spend it on Facebook arguing about keto or the Carnivore Diet? Or take pictures in front of a leased Lambo to impress people you don’t even know?

Probably not.

You’d spend time with people you carry about, doing things that matter deeply to you. Maybe even benefit the universe as well.

And while you might not have Trebek’s bank account you probably surpass the old guy in terms of vitality.

There’s no predicting what kind of difference an unleashed “you” could make, or how your efforts might inspire others. Like a wave radiating outward in expanding circles, from the impact of just one pebble.

Of just one life, finally lived to its full potential.

Meh. You probably have decades left on this rock. Plenty of time to watch TV and meander through a fabricated life on social media and have no meaningful relationships, just relationships of convenience.

You have all the time in the world.

Until you don’t.

So get busy. Make a difference.