I wanna look like that.

A prospective client completed my coaching application, and the follow-up call got me thinking.

He sent pics of a handsome physique model and said he wanted THAT end result. Which, to me, read like he wanted to look like him—right down to skin tone and waist-shoulder ratio.

Now, it’s reasonable to say, “This physique inspires me,” or even, “I have a similar frame, I’d like to look like that.”

But it’s not wise to presume that even with a similar structure, great training, and years of hard work, we can ever become something we’re not meant to be.

Judgmental or defeatist?


But I increasingly hear from young people chasing “aesthetics” who think this way, and I worry about the mental health implications.

An aesthetic physique is mostly a pleasing combination of muscle and low body fat. And you certainly can control those things, to a degree. That means you can create a unique, aesthetic physique that’s 100% your own.

But the amount of muscle and body fat we have are basically the only things we have any say in.

How it all fits together is largely genetic.

Sure, you can spend too much time on your chest and ignore your legs. But you can’t change your structure. You can just add muscle—which can only grow.

And with apologies to Team Biceps Peak, you can’t change a muscle’s shape, either.

So I replied, “I can only help you be the best you can be.” While it sounds like a lame slogan from an after-school special, it’s the truth.

A good coaching plan + hard work + years of dedication can make you something special.

But it can’t make you into SOMEONE else.

I signed off by saying to be careful, that if any coach says they can help accomplish his stated goal, he should turn around and run.

But I also know that someone has probably already taken his money.

Regulars will know I don’t do the whole 90-day transformation bullshit. Lasting change takes time, consistency and next-level commitment.

If you’re in your 40s and looking to get in serious shape next year, it’s time to get going on the groundwork.

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– Coach Bryan