A long-term client of mine has come a LONG way on his fat loss journey. He’s basically in the top 5% of real-life 40-year-old physiques.

Now they’re asking about pushing things to the next level—i.e. a visible 6 pack, veins, all that good stuff.

And my response?

“I wouldn’t go there right now.”

Because he was finally at the point.

“The point” is when you’ve lost the extra fat, added muscle, improved primary health markers, AND look, move, and feel fantastic.

It can take a long while to get there but it’s a REALLY good place to be.

However, almost everything you need to do to progress further is generally not supportive of good health.

At best, it’s a wash. Often, it’s a net negative.

* More cardio.

* Lower calories.

* More hunger.

* Lower food volume.

* More stimulants.

* Less restful sleep.

* More self-absorbed.

* Less joy.

Although, I’m not completely discounting it.

Everyone should get lean or even straight-up diced at least once.

– Suffer gnawing hunger at night.

– Aghast at how heavy your legs can be just climbing stairs.

– Feel fatigued all day, only to struggle to fall asleep at night.

– And, of course, So. Much. Peeing.

The whole experience is a valuable reminder of how comfortable we are and how much we take everything for granted. Dare I say it’s humbling? Grounding, even?

But just because it’s something that everyone should experience, it’s still not something to rush into.

It’s hard, demanding, and not remotely accommodating of a busy schedule.

So I advised my client to wait a few months and OWN his recent progress. To get familiar with living at “the point” and consolidate the lifestyle and habits required to thrive there.

Let it settle until how he’s living right now feels like a new normal.

Because the final push is a real dogfight.

And the body fights starvation with every evolutionary survival mechanism at its disposal.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Coach Bryan