Holiday Eating Guilt?

A while back the fitness pendulum swung a little too deep into “faux hardcore.”

People boasted about never taking days off from exercise, never breaking from their diet, even not eating the cake at their OWN wedding.

I can see skipping the shitty cake at your Aunt Jessie’s third try at happily-ever-after, but your OWN nuptials?

Certainly foreshadows a 12-pack of “he always put his body before me” couples-therapy sessions.

What made it so disingenuous is that the overwhelming majority of high-level physique competitors DON’T live this way.

They all enjoy a little moderation (sometimes a bit too much), but ratchet things back when it’s time to buckle down and reach a new peak.

Because NOBODY needs to be 100% “on” year round.

We can all have (brief) times of the year when 80% is acceptable and we can enjoy a little indulgence.

And that’s not slacking off.

On the contrary it’s necessary, as it’s RESTORATIVE.

It’s like adding fuel to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves, for when you really need it.

Yes, there are indeed times when you’ll need to raise your standards to an almost impossible level. But you only can do so when your soul is adequately fueled.

You can’t kick into high gear if you don’t spend a little time just cruising.