“Health Washing” is a pet peeve for many health advocates.

It’s when marketers try to position highly processed packaged foods as “healthy” by slapping irrelevant or dubious nutritional claims on the label such as “100% natural, gluten-free, fortified, made with real food, etc.”

It’s an underhand practice that preys on people’s desire to improve the quality of the foods they eat.

Although I pity the fool who rationalizes crushing a dozen Oreos a day because it nets him the daily allowance of riboflavin.

However, you can spin off this approach to actually improve results with your own meals, driving up enjoyment and compliance in equal measure.

For example, eating more vegetables is important.

So you can add a handful of spinach to a protein shake and pretend it tastes good.

Or you can spend a little time and make a spinach salad, ideally with some additional veggies along for the ride.

Will there be a discernible difference in terms of results?

Nutritionally? Probably not.

But if you actually enjoy eating the salad yet have to force down the shake, it’s pretty clear what option has a better chance of becoming a habit.

There are many other examples.

You can scramble eggs (or worse, pasteurized egg whites) in two minutes on high heat, drown them in salsa, and mix a pack of instant oatmeal.

Or worse, throw all the above in a blender and serve with a side of self-loathing and regret.

On the other hand, you could beat a few fresh eggs, gently stir them over low heat, mix in some diced veggies, and serve them on whole-grain or sourdough toast.

Similar macros, possibly even similar “results.”

Sure, one is quick and easy—and thoroughly soulless—while the other is undoubtedly more time-consuming, and requires some skill… even a little passion.

But passion and long-term success are inextricably linked.

Wanna REACH a higher standard?

Start by holding yourself to a higher standard.

— Coach Bryan