Wanna know the secret to effective program design?

It’s always fitting the program to the person, not the other way around.

Sure there are best practices (and best arm training programs; disagree with that and I’ll fight you after school) but for the most part, a really good program is like a suit that’s been expertly tailored to your dimensions by someone named Rocco. It just feels and performs better than that one you scored off the sales rack last Black Friday.

But what if you could sorta do both?

Follow a training program that may not be written just for you, but written for someone similar in terms of goals, age, lifestyle, and limitations?

Better still, what if this program has been beta-tested and test-driven for months to make sure all the bugs are worked out and not just something that looks really cool or “sciency” on paper?

Well that would be kinda cool.

Of course, it would be crucial that you matched up with the target demographic.

Which in this case, happens to be one of the most neglected populations out there: guys like fellow coach Tony Gentilcore and yours truly.

Now Tony and I aren’t exactly twins separated at birth.

He can deadlift 600 pounds:

Whereas I have morning, afternoon, and evening skin care regimens.

But we do have a lot of important stuff in common. And if you can check the following boxes, you can include yourself as a member of this illustrious club:

– Men (and women) over 40

** Okay, you don’t have to be 40 on the nose. We just wanted to use the name Strong MOFO (Strong Man Over Forty). But in terms of an age cut-off, it’s less the year of the car and more the mileage on the odometer.

– An experienced lifter

– A bit beat up. (Your days of “I can do that! Hold my beer…” are well behind you)

– Care about moving AND lifting well

– Wanna develop a little athleticism. Think about going from Louis C.K. to Odell Beckham Jr. in 4 months. Now stop thinking that and return to reality.

– Like to have fun at the gym

But above all, and this is maybe the biggest rock, is you’re really busy…not just with work, but with family and other responsibilities, and just don’t have time to spend 10 hours a week in the gym.

FYI: Both Tony and me are new dads and suddenly understand what “being busy” really means. However, neither of us is ready to go off gently into that mediocre night.

So that’s the specific demographic, and is also what separates this from my one-on-one coaching or the Physique Mastery Movement, the monthly group coaching I run with another bald meathead, Scott Tousignant.

This project is unique as it’s designing, testing, and adjusting a training program from the ground up using test subjects as close to the target demo as possible, to ensure the very best final product.

And this is where you come in.

We Need Lab Rabbits

Every good training program needs to have the kinks ironed out. Things “just change” when you go from Excel sheet to gym floor. And considering we want to offer this program to the whole wide world, the more beta-testers, the better.

So we need feedback.

And not just high-fives or dubious “I gained five inches on my arms in three weeks” type testimonials. (Though gee whiz that sure would be cool).

We’re gonna need criticism:

  • What do you like? Dislike?
  • What phases worked best?
  • Which felt too long? Too short?
  • Which days made you feel invigorated? Which made you think “oh no, not this shit again.”

THIS is the kinda feedback that can take a well thought out program and turn it into a legit industry changer. Or at least something that helps a lot of people start making quality gains and fall in love with training again.

So here’s the big pitch:

We’re looking for highly committed, experienced lifters to follow our Strong MOFO program for four months.

The program will be hosted by Tony’s CORE Online app, an online service he provides via his website. This offers a few benefits:

  • You can follow the program on your phone (but also have the option to print it out).
  • You’ll have immediate access to video tutorials and explanations of all exercises.
  • Compared to Excel sheets, this is also way easier for us to collect and crunch data. Which is something I’ve always wanted to say, in my best Clarence Boddicker from Robocop voice (“Bitches leave! Time to crunch data!”)

We’re offering this beta program at a price of $249. This gets you four months of programming (which is cheaper than borscht, especially the bison borscht I make every Grey Cup Sunday).

Start Date: is Monday, December 6th. This will allow for enough time to for you to wrap up any current program you’re plugging through and get acquainted with the software/system.

It also lets you first get past Thanksgiving, which from what I’ve seen is basically an epic shit show of turkey, travel, and grievances.

So the Requirements, AGAIN

  • Minimum of 35 years old.
  • Experience lifting weights.
  • Have access to a well-equipped commercial or home gym. The last thing we can logistically do is tweak everybody’s program to respect hotel gyms or judgment free fitness centers.
  • You have to be relatively injury-free. If it hurts to type much less lift, don’t apply.

This will be really cool and a lot of fun. But it will also be very good quality training that YOU get to help make even better.

To sign up, please go here: