Mondays are crazy hectic. Because EVERYTHING starts on Monday.

School, work, kids activities, the diet (ha!) and of course, hitting the gym (usually for International Chest Day).

Some people stack so many “starts” into a Monday they barely have time to breathe. And when things get a bit too rushed, often it’s the Monday workout (or the diet) that gets skipped.

Now one day missed is just one day. You’ll live. But starting the week off with a loss is just not good business. Especially if it can be easily avoided with a simple tweak.

With so much chaos already kicking off on Monday, why not make it a rest day, even an off-diet day (careful) and start your week on Tuesday?

Admittedly this is some minor league shit. But I’m a big believer in embracing how flexible many of these established “rules” really are. And then bending them to suit our individual lifestyles.

One such rule? You gotta start your training week on Monday. Why not just train on days it makes sense to train?

If your answer is “but my program says…” then stop right there. Your program should be adaptable, and probably is.

If not, you need to reconsider your choice of program, or at least the amount of weight you place on its “rules.”

Remember, YOU are in charge. Stack the deck in your favor.

Play the game to win.