There are many qualities I wish I had or I wish that I spent more time developing.

One trait I’m glad I’m not particularly saddled with is “envy-hater.” 

If I see someone like a celebrity with an incredible physique my go-to emotion is always a 50/50 mix of joy and inspiration, and never, “yeah, well…” 

As in “yeah, well…”

  • “they don’t work and have all the time in the world to train.”
  • “they have their own chef.”
  • “they don’t have kids.
  • “they won the genetic lottery.
  • “let’s see their drug stack.”

Blah blah. 

Even if the above can be legitimate factors, more often they’re just excuses for mediocre effort. 

Or, they’re feel-better distractions from failing at the things that really matter:

  • hard work
  • consistency 
  • high personal standards 
  • commitment 
  • focus 

Yes, of course, I still get triggered from time to time. It’s hard to look at The Rock or Mike O’Hearn and not do an eye-roll, even sip some some of that Haterade while thinking about all the things I know they’re not mentioning. 

But discounting such people entirely is a mistake. 

Regardless of their advantages or the resources at their disposal, one thing you CAN and should draw inspiration from is the fact that they maintain incredibly high personal standards. 

They HAVE to. It’s obvious.

Genetics, drugs, surgery, and a team of personal assistants and employees can account for a lot, sure, but not THAT much. The work still has to get done and it has to get done at a very high level. High personal standards can and should still be inspiring.

And unlike genetics, luck, money, or opportunity, your personal standards are well within your control. 

I’m not saying to shut off your brain and believe whatever the ripped guy in the tank-top tells you. People have literally died following terrible “fitness” advice. Many more people have flushed thousands of dollars down the toilet.

What I am saying is this: don’t miss out on very important lessons lurking behind the nonsense. Don’t turn up your nose to free inspiration. 

We should all use our brains and bullshit detectors. But after that it’s our choice whether we live our lives full of hate and envy or we live them inspired by joy. 

Choose wisely.

– Bryan