A buddy of mine is also in the fitness business and has been snake-bit lately with bad luck outside of the gym (relationships, work drama, etc).

But whenever he gets too down on himself I always say the same thing: “Dude, you gotta train more.”

Not that 19-inch arms will solve his relationship woes. Although I do believe #MuscleSolvesProblems, in this context the desired outcome is not the answer.

It’s an intense focus on the process. GOING ALL IN, in every damn way you INTELLIGENTLY can.

Imagine if your life depended on it:

How much training could you fit in per week?
Even if it meant getting up very early. Six days a week? Seven?
Even some days TWICE a day?

How disciplined could you be with diet and sleep and restorative measures?

How methodical could you be with shopping and prepping food and taking supplements and drinking enough water?

How mercenary could you be with cutting out vices, from junk food to rec drugs to alcohol to staying up late and sleeping in to mindless online browsing to social media bickering & comparing and above all, truly toxic, negative people?

If your life depended on it, what would your life look like if you made all those changes?

And more importantly, how would you feel?

Dialed in.

You learn what you’re capable of when you channel the lethal combination of intense focus plus ruthless elimination of distractions.
You learn your potential.

This kind of “life push” is grossly out of balance and soon you’ll feel a little selfish, a little empty.

Which is when you pull back and come up for air, and assess how you did and how other important areas of your life are doing.

Cruise that way as long as necessary or as life allows, paying extra attention to things you might’ve missed over the past 4 or 6 or 8 weeks of intense physical self-mastery.

And then do it again.

Maybe this is just a useless thought exercise?

I mean, your life probably doesn’t depend on it.

Although I think our happiness with our lives is teetering a lot closer to the edge than many want to admit.

Go all in. See what you can accomplish before coming up for air.