If you find yourself constantly questioning every last detail of your training or nutrition program, it’s going to fail.


Even if it IS the “absolute best plan” for you.

On the other hand, if you go all-out on a “sorta okay but definitely not ideal” plan, you WILL make progress.


But if your gut reaction is to jump straight to WHY you’re stuck in your head, here are the three most likely reasons—AND how to escape them.

#1 — Fear of failure

This one can be a lot to unpack but your fear of failure could be any one or all of: societal pressures, issues with self-esteem and lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, or even learned helplessness. I told you, it was a lot.

But whatever the reasons, your key to unlocking progress remains largely the same. Acknowledge your fears and learn to reframe failure as a valuable learning experience on the path to success.

#2 — Perfectionism

Perfect has long been the enemy of the good—and never was this more true than with training.

But believe me when I tell you that the PERFECT diet is a myth, and even “the best” training program is only effective until your body gets used to it.

Good news is, such grandiose standards aren’t even necessary—because consistency trumps perfection EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So find a plan or a diet you enjoy, and simply get to work.

#3 — Information overload

The irony of me pumping words into your IG feed is not lost on me.

I totally understand just how much “noise” is out there and this issue has been one of a few Achilles heels I’ve had to personally deal with.

Yes, I have more than two heels. Because I’m a fucking centaur. Can we move on?

But it’s also why I’m always saying “you don’t need more information.”

If anything you need LESS.

So choose a few reliable sources for guidance, and learn to filter out the noise.

After that, it’s just trusting your instincts and prioritizing ACTION.

– Coach Bryan