There’s merit to a “get in and get out” approach to fat loss, especially if your ultimate goal is a muscular physique.

However, a slow and steady approach will yield less dramatic swings in energy and water weight, not to mention more lasting changes in habits and lifestyle.

It helps to see dieting and fat loss as a pendulum.

The more you “pull” on one end (calorie restriction, cardio), the more dramatic the “swing” (bingeing, burnout).

That’s why subtle, sustainable adjustments are always best.

As for short-term “mini-bulks?”

While that’s not the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard (this is the fitness industry after all) it shows an inability to differentiate between building muscle and simply gaining weight.

Cause while I know it doesn’t always feel like it, fat loss happens pretty damn fast. Even after the initial water drop.

It’s certainly a process you can measure in days and weeks.

But building muscle is MUCH slower, especially after the newbie phase—even for those athletes “getting help.”

Think months, even YEARS.

Settle in.

– Coach Bryan