A fair question. So let’s take a look.

On the left, we have the late Rocky Johnson. On the right, his son Dwayne.

Clearly the apple didn’t fall from the tree. Genetics for the win!

But is it really that simple?

As powerful as genetics may be, they’re just one piece. They’re also routinely misunderstood, especially on social media.

Ever see some jacked dude on IG post a photo from before they started training next to a photo of their current studly condition and then boast of “overcoming bad genetics?”

I’d hate to break it to ya bro, but the way you responded so well to weight training indicates the opposite: that you are in fact, genetically GIFTED. Cause that’s how gene expression works.

Similarly, genetics are also an easy scapegoat. Many people will blame their poor training progress on being “cursed with bad genetics,” when the real issues are a lack of focus, discipline, consistency, and effort.

I’ve known MANY guys who spent their 20s complaining about “poor genetics,” or being a “hardgainer” or (my favorite) “carb intolerant.” Not surprisingly by age 30 most had quit training altogether.

But the few who stuck it out and eventually learned to apply focus, discipline, consistency, and effort?

Suddenly they were labelled “genetically gifted.” Some even had their hard work diminished via back-handed compliments like “if I had your genetics I’d be jacked too.”

To sum up, yes, genetics play a HUGE role in how successful your fat loss or muscle building efforts will ultimately be.

So for those who’ve been going hard for years and still don’t look anything like The Rock or his old man: YES much of that can be attributed to something you can’t control.

But are you doubling down on what you CAN control?

Are you attacking your diet & fitness plan with as much focus, discipline, consistency, and effort as you possibly can?

Or are you skipping workouts, eating take-out, staying up late, and enjoying a few drinks on days of the week that end with a Y?

You may not have the same DNA, time, money, or resources as the Rock.

But you’ll never really know how good your genetics are until you give it everything you’ve got.

The harder you work, the better you eat, the more genetically gifted you WILL be.

That much I do know.