When it comes to health and fitness, what’s often overlooked in the decision-making process is prioritizing what fits YOU — specifically, what fits your individual needs, schedule, limitations, and family life.

And it’s not just practical—it’s powerful.

It renders many of the nonsense ‘what’s optimal?’ arguments totally irrelevant.

A classic example:

“What frequency is best for building muscle? Training 4 days a week or 5?”

Interesting question, but also moot when you’re holding down a busy job and can only train 3 days a week.

“Is it better to train in the morning or later in the day?”

If your morning schedule is already packed with breakfast, packing lunches, dog walks, and then school runs, then maybe mornings aren’t the answer.

Unless your afternoons and evenings are even busier. In that case, what’s your EARLY morning like?

There are many examples like this. But once you key in on what you (or your client) really wants or needs, it immediately simplifies the decision-making process.

And better still?

It reduces everything else to “industry noise”—interesting to some, perhaps, but irrelevant in comparison to what really matters.