With fat loss, everyone wants non-stop progress.

Preferably lightning fast, too. And while we’re asleep, if possible.

Expecting such speedy results isn’t totally off base. Fact is, many have experienced it—at least for a while.

Think back to when you first started lifting or got your diet in order. Maybe you dropped five pounds in the first week or added weight to the bar every workout.

It’s addicting as hell, but sadly NEVER lasts. And before long, making near-daily progress is just too much to ask.

In a way, it’s a good thing since it’s often a clear sign that you’re getting more experienced.

But meager returns on a significant investment are still frustrating.

One thing that almost always helps is focusing squarely on your PROCESS.

* diet (measuring, tracking honestly, not cheating)

* exercise (lifting weights and cardio if prescribed)

* total movement (daily steps)

* recovery (sleep, stress reduction, hydration)

If you’re doing as much as you can there, then you’re doing all you can do.

The truth is that sometimes results take time to appear, and sometimes the plan needs a tweak—one is beyond your control, the other I’ll do for you.

YOU just keep plugging away.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering that if you’re doing “everything right” but not making measurable progress on the scale or tap—you still ARE making progress.

You’re getting healthier, and fitter, building confidence and competency.

And yes, it does suck those things are not on the weekly tracker.

– Coach Bryan