Many people have ambitious goals to improve their physique. But the harsh truth is that few succeed, and even fewer can achieve change that lasts but a few fleeting moments.

Fundamentally, change that sticks boils down to doing a few little things right—for a lot longer than you’d like.

Because little things, done consistently, quickly become the BIG things.

Today, we’re talking MINDSET. And my starting point is to find and acknowledge your WHY.

Sure, it’s a trendy concept in fitness circles, but that doesn’t detract from its significance. Almost everything flows more freely once you have an honest answer to that question.

Is it to look good naked?

Stretch that medium tee?

Be harder to kill?

Yes, your why can (and will) evolve into something more balanced—like good health and longevity.

But to effect lasting change, it must be TRUE and deeply rooted in desire. So start with something that makes your tackle tingle.

Now you have your why, here are THREE “little things” that change the game:

1. Set realistic, process or behavior-based goals that can deliver results.

“Lose 10 lbs” is a terrible goal. (no control)

“Prioritize lean protein and veggies with every meal” is infinitely better. (full control)

2. Sprint, then walk!

People often refer to fat loss or muscle-building as a marathon, not a sprint.

But I like to think of it as a series of sprints—periods when it’s your primary focus in life—interspersed with “rests” when you don’t push as hard so you can balance other priorities.

Set a goal, commit all your energy towards achieving it, then pull back and evaluate.

3. Make behaviors match your goals.

When it comes to lasting change, behavior rules the landscape.

This is where nailing your WHY is a game-changer: it’s your emotional compass.

Cause if your WHY is to look good naked, you’ll frequently fall on the right side of all those “little things” that require short-term concession or compromise.

Remember, delaying gratification is something fundamental that you can’t avoid. But it is SO much easier when your values and behaviors align with your goal.

– Coach Bryan