With clients approaching the bitter end of a diet—or those on a short-term “mini-cut”— I often advise them to try to forget about it.

Not forget about their diet and go crush the local IHOP. But rather forget that they’re DIETING at all.

In other words, I encourage them to accept that this is “how you eat now.”

Even pretend they don’t have other options—or at least don’t care.

And I specifically coach this tactic with clients who tend to ramp up the questions about hypothetical scenarios or diet minutiae once the road gets tough.

Sometimes I’ll even clap back, “Let’s talk about it when we’re done doing what we’re doing.”

Not because I don’t appreciate someone wanting to learn.

It’s just that I know for some people, the quicker I get them outta their heads and thinking about something else, the better off they’ll be.

As the old adage goes: A watched pot never boils.

And a watched body doesn’t change.

It’s better to think about your job, a hobby, climate change, or even baseball. (OK, not baseball)

Better still, think about SOMEONE ELSE.

That will not only get you outta your head—it might even help make the world a better place.

– Coach Bryan