Here’s something I’ve learned over the years.

The more people you coach through their fat-loss journey, the more you realize that YES, there are fat-loss “SECRETS.”

They just have nothing to do with food.

Well, actually they do.

I call them the CAKE, and they include:

* Consistency.

* Simplicity.

* Planning.

* Discipline.

* Time management.

* High (but not unrealistic) standards.

* Patience.

* Effort.

* Regular sleep/wake and meal times.

* Supportive partner/household.

* Doing a little better, every week.

* Slowing down your thoughts when things get too “amped.”

* Enjoying and appreciating the process.

* Seeing how you feed, exercise, and relax your body as your natural way of traveling—not some “thing” you do for a few weeks or months.

* Occasionally forgetting about all this and just being in the moment.

So “the cake” is the important stuff.

But it’s not shiny, sexy, or tactical, like magic macro ratios, doing your cardio fasted, or skipping breakfast and starting the day with lunch.

Now, don’t get me wrong—numbers and tactics still matter.

But in the grand scheme—and ALL body composition goals should be part of a grand scheme— it’s all icing.

And without the cake, icing is just sugar-coating.

– Coach Bryan