Fat loss is very simple.

Just not easy.

I mean, figuring out calorie targets and planning a few meals ain’t exactly rocket science.

Nor is shopping, cooking, prepping, and tracking all those meals.

What IS hard? Doing all of the above for MONTHS.

One thing that would make things a lot easier would be to eat the same things every day.

But who the hell does that, much less wants to?

Although, if you stop and think about it, you’re essentially doing it already.

Because the average person commonly eats the same breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day—or at least every workday. It’s only dinner where the variety creeps in.

But even then, the diversity is not THAT expansive. Not many of y’all are coming home after a long day and thinking “ya know I think I’ll spend the evening making Chile En Nogada.”

So why not embrace that reality and use it to your advantage?

Just enter your regular breakfast, lunch, and snacks into your online tracker and repeat them every day.

As for dinner, map out 3-5 typical meals you can easily shop for, prep, and eat and then rotate through them most days of the week.

Leverage how you’re already living—no need to turn things upside down.

If it sounds way too easy or “kindergarten level,” keep this in mind: this is how Paul (@uncommonsensephysique) and I eat, and just about every other coach, “fitfluencer,” or successful physique athlete.

We eat the same CORE diet ALL YEAR ROUND: Chicken, rice, vegetables, lean beef, fish, and some fruit.

This is how it plays out:

* Follow it to a T (everything measured, no cheats), it’s a FAT LOSS DIET.

* Snack with your kids and have a cheat meal on the weekend, it’s a MAINTENANCE DIET.

* Consciously add 800+ structured calories, and it’s a WEIGHT GAIN DIET.

So truthfully, if your friendly fit-pro keeps it this simple, is there ANY logical advantage to making things more complicated?

Pretty simple answer.

– Coach Bryan